Membership is open to any person who is involved in or is interested in promoting and supporting palliative care services provision.

There are five categories for membership:

Individual Members are persons based in Uganda, who have professional experience or personal engagement in palliative care either within a hospice or palliative care service or unit, or a hospital/ community based service.

Honorary Members are persons who the Board of Directors so appoint in consideration of their outstanding contributions to palliative care.

Institutional members may be organizations providing palliative care services or committed to the development of palliative care within Uganda.

Non-Voting Members are individuals or institutions who are interested in and committed to the development of palliative care in Africa but do not have operations in Africa.

Life members are persons interested in Palliative care and committed to the development of Palliative care in Africa and are able and willing to pay life membership fee.

A person/organization wishing to become a member must:

  • Apply in writing on the official membership form
  • Pay an annual membership fee.
  • Obtain a membership card from the Secretariat, which is renewed annually on renewal of membership form
Benefits of Membership:
  • Receiving advanced notice of courses/update days etc. to be held in Palliative Care NGOs (Hospice Uganda, Mobile Hospice Mbarara, Little Hospice Hoima, Mildmay International among others).
  • Receive a free copy of the PCAU Journal twice a year.
  • Sharing and support from other members of the Palliative Care Association of Uganda.
  • Receive an updated list of members with contacts, once per year.
  • Invitation to the quarterly seminars/updates.
  • Voting rights.
For More information about membership of the association please contact: Palliiative Care Association of Uganda on:

Telephone: +256 31 2289121 or

Email: or

Contact PCAU

Palliative Care Association of Uganda
Physical Address:
Block 383, Plot 8804, Kitende – Entebbe Road
Tel: +256 414 692350 /
+256 392 080713


Membership in the association is open to any health professional or any other related professions and interested individuals in palliative care, including community volunteers and caregivers. Read More

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