PCAU continues implementation of projects with stakeholders and partners.

The partners include funding and collaborative partners in the areas of :-

  1. Capacity building and Training of health workers for specialized skills to offer quality palliative care.
  2. Support towards orphaned children careers through the Road to Hope project
  3. Support toward mentorship and support supervision continuous medical education for quality palliative care services
  4. Research and information dissemination

PCAU Partnerships in and outside Uganda

PROMETRA Uganda is a member organization of PCAU. It brings together traditional healers within and outside Mpingi district to share their knowledge and experiences about the use of traditional medicine. Traditional healers under this organization undergo three years of training regardless of the experience one already has. It has branches in different African countries. They study: identification of different plants, preservation of the plants, human anatomy, preparation and storage of herbal medicine and then management of the different diseases. In the picture on the right they were learning how to prepare immune boosters.

On the right is the filiming crew together with PCAU national coordinator posed for a photo with sister Hellena of Maria Gorret S.S.S (extreme left) before starting work. The filming crew was headed by Mr. Mike Wargo, Director of Operations at Center for Hospice Care and partnership coordinator. Through him, PCAU has established a partnership with the University of Notre Dame (Indiana) and are piloting an internship/placement program for students. The first student came in June 2010. Hanna O’Brien is a pre-medical student who came for a month to learn about health care services in developing world. She was exposed to patient care in the hospitals and palliative care setting as well as to the culture of Uganda.

PCAU partnership with University Research Council – Health Care Quality Improvement (URC- HQI)

PCAU together with URC-HQI and MOH went into a partnership to introduce palliative care into two new districts, Mayuge and Namutumba, in the Eastern region. District and hospital managers were sensitised, then selected practicing health care workers were given a five days training and this was followed by a five days hands on practical training.

Selected health care workers from Mayuge and Namutumba districts in class learning the concepts of palliative care and its applicability in the care of HIV/AIDS patients. A holistic approach to care and pain assessment and management was emphasised in this training.

During the practical week, trainees went to the community to identify and manage patients with palliative care needs, and some other patients were seen from the hospital.

URC – HQI project and MOH with the support of PCAU designed a regular support supervision schedule so as to ensure that the trainees are regularly visited, success and challenges in PC services provision are discussed as a way of helping them to build confidence in PC service provision.

Enhancing palliative care service provision through hospital based PC teams in Central and Eastern region.

This project is supported by OSI and it is being implemented in three hospitals per region. In Central region it is in Masaka Regional referral hospital, Gombe and Nkozi mission hospital. While in Eastern region it is in Mbale regional referral hospital, Soroti and Ngora mission hospital. The hospital managers of these six hospitals underwent palliative care sensitization and a study visit so as to gain insight on how to set up PC service in their own hospitals. After this exercise all the six hospitals now have hospital PC teams, and are providing PC services to patients with PC needs especially pain control.

Hazel Nunn, a nurse from UK and a volunteer with UWOCASO going to visit the herbalist in the forest to explore how they work together with PCAU to provide palliative care in the community.

UWOCAS is in process of working together with PCAU to sensitise the herbalists about women’s cancers, who will in turn sensitise/educate rural women about breast self-examination and encourage women to go for regular cervical screening in KCC health centers in Kampala.

Through FHSSA, PCAU made new friends ‘Center for Hospice Care.’ This year, between the months of June and July they came out to visit and made a documentary about PCAU’s work in Uganda. The documentary will be used within and outside Uganda to raise funds to support palliative care work in Uganda.

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Membership in the association is open to any health professional or any other related professions and interested individuals in palliative care, including community volunteers and caregivers. Read More

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