Training & Mentorship

One of the main focus areas of PCAU is to support comprehensive integration of palliative care services in every district of Uganda by 2016 through a system of training, mentorship and support supervision.

Capacity building is the fundamental enabler in achieving access to culturally appropriate palliative care and greater sustainability in scaling-up palliative care services.  Training and health worker palliative care capacity building aims at increasing the critical mass of human resources in the health facilities to be able to handle the increasing number of palliative care needs and facilitate integration of palliative care in the health facilities.

Increase in critical mass of palliative care services providers by training more health professional in palliative care is central to integration of palliative care services in the health system. 

The available trainings include:

Short palliative care courses

5-day Health professionals Course
The aim of the palliative care introductory training is to equip multi-disciplinary groups of health care workers with knowledge and skills to strengthen and integrate palliative care into national health systems.
PCAU offers 5 day Health Professionals Courses offered to health workers to introduce them to the concepts of palliative care.

5-day non health professionals’ course
This course is offered to non health workers including spiritual leaders, Village Health team training, paralegals, cousellors and any other stakeholders interested in promoting palliative care.
The course equips participants with basic knowledge and skills in order to support the implementation of appropriate Palliative Care services within their areas of work.

Training of Trainers
PCAU offers a course to equip individuals with palliative care training skills. The TOT  empowers trainers for palliative care courses and facilitate CMEs at facility level.

Palliative Care Specialist Course
The need for specialist palliative care trained health workers to handle more complex cases and for the health facilities to be accredited is very central for palliative care services provision integration and its sustainability.

PCAU works with accredited training organisations (HAU and Mildmay) to ensure sufficient palliative care specialists are trained to offer palliative care in Uganda.

Mentorship and support supervision

PCAU has recognized that sustainable and quality palliative care services will need to be premised on the development and establishment of a more frequent and expanded support supervision & mentorship program. The mentorship and support to palliative care trained health workers is part of continued capacity development to ensure sustainability

The purpose of mentorship and support supervision programmes is to improve on the efficiency and effectiveness of palliative care services delivered in the health facilities and sustain the standards of best practice in all health facilities.

The mentorship and support supervision has three elements

  1. Continuous quality improvements of palliative care services
  2. Advocating for managers and decision makers to make appropriate decisions that promote palliative care services provision, Assuring that the conditions and environment is supportive of palliative care services provision
  3. Sustainability of palliative care services in facilities i.e. strengthening palliative care teams and discussions on further capacity building.

PCAU trains mentors selected from experienced palliative care officers throughout Uganda, to carry on mentorship support supervision of trained practitioners within the districts.

Contact PCAU

Palliative Care Association of Uganda
Physical Address:
Block 383, Plot 8804, Kitende – Entebbe Road
Tel: +256 414 692350 /
+256 392 080713


Membership in the association is open to any health professional or any other related professions and interested individuals in palliative care, including community volunteers and caregivers. Read More

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