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Palliative care services provision is only provided in accredited health facilities. PCAU is mandated by ministry of health to assess and accredit the health facilities to stock morphine, the drug for choice for pain relief. Accredited health facilities have the following in place:

  1.  The availability of facility palliative care teams, including trained morphine prescribers,
  2. The morphine storage facilities as recommended by the International Narcotics Control Board and give guidance to the facilities about morphine procurement procedures from National Medical Stores (NMS) and Joint    Medical Stores (JMS). In this case, it is the presence of a double locked cupboard.
  3. Facility administrative support towards palliative care service provision for consistent and sustainable palliative care services provision.

In Uganda palliative care services are in 82 districts out of the 112 districts with at least one accredited health facility.

Accredited Organizations

Yellow indicates the districts of Uganda that have access to morphine. PCAUmorphine map2012

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Membership in the association is open to any health professional or any other related professions and interested individuals in palliative care, including community volunteers and caregivers. Read More

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