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PCAU is currently facing challenges because the two vehicles donated to the organization by funding agencies and partners have both served for over 10 years. The vehicles are prone to numerous mechanical breakdowns and high costs of maintenance.

The COVID-19 Pandemic has tasted the continuity of palliative care as an essential service in our country. Member organizations of PCAU reported up to 50% drop in the number of patients seen during March-May 2020. These hospice and palliative care organizations have over 10,000 patients enrolled on their programs. The pandemic has affected the models of palliative care delivery service delivery too. PCAU working with the Ministry of Health have developed special Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) to enable palliative care teams to continue functioning. However, palliative care teams require capacity building on Infection Prevention and Control (IPC) before be able to implement the SOPs. These capacity building sessions necessitate teams of experts to travel to remote areas to engage health workers and community volunteers.

The vehicle will there enable PCAU to ensure continued mentorship, capacity development and support supervision for palliative care providers across health facilities in districts of Uganda. This will ensure improved access to pain relief and palliative care services in the country.

Furthermore, the vehicle is required to reach the over 30 districts without any form of palliative care for sensitization and training of the health workers at the main health facilities in these districts. All these districts are located in the hardest to reach areas in Uganda.

Type of vehicle required.

PCAU is making an appeal for a strong 4 wheel runner vehicle with ability to travel the rough terrain of the hardest to reach areas in Uganda. The vehicle can either be a SUV or double Cubin pickup truck. PCAU is seeking for at least $ 85,000 to purchase a new vehicle or a donation if the vehicle and therefore appeals for financial support from partners and friends.

Please see details on the donate page to send in your contribution.


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