George Bazaire the Overcomer

At five years of age, George was caring for his dying father in their one-room mud house. He was responsible for picking medicine refills for his father and for looking for food from friends and well-wishers in the community. After his father died and he went to live with his mother, who was unable to care for his basic needs and education. In 2012 George was identified and enrolled in the Road to Hope Program. He started school in one of the government schools.

Because of the trauma of losing a parent, George initially found school life challenging. It was hard for him to adjust to school life because he had matured too quickly when his father was sick. It was hard for him to be told what to do. He faced many challenges of fitting in school and on several occasions, he disappeared from school.

PCAU carried out continuous counseling to interest George more in his studies and in the end, a new school was found for him. After a long struggle, George changed for the best in his new school. He even contested to become a food prefect which responsibility he is fulfilling. He continues to be supported and is progressing well.


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