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The partnership with Center for Hospice Care (CHC) in Indiana USA happened in 2008, through the African Palliative care Association (APCA) and Foundation for Hospices in SubSahara Africa (FHSSA), which has since become Global Partners in Care. The partnership has contributed greatly to the birth and sustainability of various initiatives ...
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PCAU supports the work of MOH that is in line with its strategic objectives. PCAU Works with the ministry to formulate policies and guidelines to enhance the scale up of palliative care service provision and integration in the health care system. PCAU coordinates the Country Palliative Care team meetings which ...
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In August 2017, PCAU worked with the Uganda Cancer Institute to hold memorable conference which was called the UCI-PCAU Joint International Conference on Cancer and Palliative Care. The Theme of the Conference was: ‘United against Cancer’ The great partnership and lessons learned from this conference resulted into the agreement for ...
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The Palliative Care Association of Uganda (PCAU) is working in partnership with the Uganda National Association of the Deaf (UNAD) to advocate for improved access to palliative care for the deaf in Uganda. As part of this partnership, UNAD, PCAU and other stakeholders developed a Deaf Awareness Module (DAM) for ...
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PCAU partnered with Mulago School of Nursing and Midwifery together with the Ministry of Education and Sports to work on a curriculum for a diploma in palliative care nursing curriculum which was finalized and published. As the result, PCAU sponsored training of tutors/mentors of Mulago nursing school for a period ...
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PCAU is working with UGANET to foster Social Justice for Palliative Care Patients in need in Uganda. PCAU has continued to partner with Uganda Network on Law, Ethics and HIV/AIDs (UGANET) to promote palliative care as a human right. This has been done through sensitization on Palliative Care for lecturers ...
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