Governance and Resource Mobilization


PCAU has over the years built strong partnerships both in Uganda and internationally which have enabled the organization raise financial resources that fund and sustain its work. PCAU’s operations are anchored on sound financial management structures which are overseen by a Board of Directors. As a non-governmental organization whose work is to improve the quality of life of palliative care patients, PCAU ensures that all resources are put to good use in order to serve its goal of availing palliative care to all. Organizations and individuals can reach PCAU and make donations throughout the year. Click on the link Donate to PCAU to find out the various ways in which you can make a donation.


Annual Fundraising Dinner

Annually, PCAU holds a fundraising dinner during the month of December to support a specific standalone hospice work. The dinners ...
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PCAU Membership

PCAU is a membership based organization with a total of 24 member organizations, 1200 individual members and 3 life members ...
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Support PCAU get a new Vehicle

PCAU is currently facing challenges because the two vehicles donated to the organization by funding agencies and partners have both ...
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District Branch Initiatives

PCAU has a total of 10 district branches that are able to push the PCAU agenda in the different districts ...
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