Palliative Care Research and Information


PCAU Research Grants 2023

We developed a focused and multidisciplinary Research Agenda to strategically support the research direction for Palliative Care Research and Information by PCAU. Click here to read more about the PCAU Research Agenda 2022 Download PCAU is able to offer limited and highly competitive research grants, designed to support graduate students, ...
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PCAU has been piloting a palliative care surveillance tool- M-health, which uses smartphones to collect data on palliative care in health centers on a monthly basis. The information obtained from the exercise provides evidence for advocacy and lobbying policymakers on important aspects that need improvement. The surveillance was first piloted ...
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National data collection tools for palliative care

The Ministry of Health developed data collection tools for palliative care that are integrated within the Health Management Information System (HMIS). These data collection tools were developed on realizing that the indicators previously included in the HMIS were insufficient to inform Palliative Care policy formulation, decision making and research. The ...
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Research Agenda

The research agenda aims at providing focus and direction for the PCAU focus area three. The agenda is a basis for resource prioritization and minimization of duplication of research effort since it is a key result for PCAU 2017-2021 strategic plan; it is aligned with the APCA’s 2020-2030 strategic plan’s ...
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Uganda Conference on Cancer & Palliative care

The Palliative Care Association of Uganda (PCAU) has been holding National Palliative Care Biennial Conferences since 2003. The conferences bring together people from all rounds of the world. With great support from the Ministry of Health, the conferences offer a platform for palliative care researchers, academicians, and service implementers to ...
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PCAU IEC Materials

To promote an understanding of palliative care among the different stakeholders, various Information, Communication, and Education Materials are developed by PCAU. The IEC materials are focused on information about palliative care and on the Right to Palliative Care. These are disseminated to Hospices, Palliative Care Organizations, health workers, Media, policymakers, ...
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