Enhancing Palliative Care Data Collection Nationwide

By Cynthia Kabagambe

DHIS2 Palliative Care Dashboard

Apart from our commitment to integrating palliative care into Uganda’s Health Care System, the Ministry of Health introduced specialized data collection tools integrated into the Health Management Information System (HMIS). These tools address the limitations of previous indicators, providing invaluable insights for policy formulation, decision-making, and research in palliative care.

The Tools are:

  1. HMIS OPD 008 Unit Palliative Care Register
  2. HMIS 105c Health Unit Palliative Care Monthly Report

PCAU staff and Assistant Commissioner Ministry of Health Palliative Care and Hospice Services during one of the PC HMIS tools support supervision

At PCAU, we play a vital role in supporting the adoption and utilization of these tools. Through comprehensive sensitization, orientation, and training programs, we empower healthcare professionals to effectively implement these tools in their practices.

Additionally, we collaborate closely with the Division of Health Information to ensure the accuracy and reliability of the data collected. Join us in our mission to elevate palliative care through the transformative power of data-driven insights!


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