The 8th PCAU Annual Members get together and Gala Dinner 2023

The annual PCAU members gathering has now become part of our culture. We are grateful to all who continue to join and support this important advocacy, awareness-raising, and fundraising event. On December 8th, 2023, PCAU hosted the 8th Annual Get-Together and Fundraising Dinner at the Imperial Royal Hotel Kampala. The dinner was the climax event to commemorate 30 years of palliative care services in Uganda. 

As a PCAU tradition, the dinner was used to fundraise for a cause to enhance cancer and palliative care services in remote communities in Uganda. Proceeds from the dinner are earmarked for Information, Education, and Communication (IEC) initiatives. A noteworthy component of this effort involves translating palliative care factsheets into native Ugandan languages. We will start with translating cancer and palliative care factsheets to 7 languages i.e. Runyakitara, Luganda, Lusoga, Ateso, Karamajong, Alur & Luo. 

PCAU is looking for $10,000 for this cause. At the dinner, at least $3200 was raised leaving a big balance on the need. We are reaching out to compassionate and generous people to donate more. Many people in Ugandan communities fail to access care due to barriers in communication or lack of information. We would like to bridge this gap by providing translated materials to communities. 

At the dinner, PCAU launched a Uganda National Palliative Care Directory. This is an important document profiling the presence of palliative care services in Uganda. Health workers referring patients and families can utilize this to reach colleagues in the respective health facilities. 

At the dinner, a new organization: Cancer Disabilities Advocacy Centre (CADAC) was launched. This is an NGO dedicated to empowering individuals facing cancer-related disabilities. 

The dinner offered an opportunity to recognize some of the key institutions that have supported the development of palliative care in Uganda over the last 30 years. These were the United States Agency for International Development (USAID), American Cancer Society (ACS), National Medical Stores (NMS), Uganda Human Rights Commission (UHRC), and St. Francis Hospital Nsmbya. 

We are grateful to all of you who participated and continue to support the work of palliative care in Uganda. We especially thank all who signed up to join PCAU as life members on that night.  As we reflect on 30 years of palliative care service in Uganda, we must continue to focus on the vision of “Palliative Care for ALL in Uganda”. We have come a long way and made tremendous achievements as a country. Yet, we still have much to do to ensure that all access this important service of compassion.

By Fiona Siima
Membership & Partnership Officer - PCAU

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