First Quarter 2024 updates from PCAU

Dear PCAU Members and Friends,

Thank you so much for your continued support and connection with PCAU. Please receive our 1st quarter 2024 newsletter. We are most excited about our plans for this year as we celebrate 25 years of PCAU. I encourage you all to renew your membership and commit to supporting PCAU. As we celebrate 25 years, we take stock of how our focused investment has yielded compassionholistic care, pain-reliefcomfort, hope, and justice for individuals, families, and Ugandan communities.

We invite you to attend the PCAU Annual General Meeting on May 31st, 2024.

This year, we will continue to work with all of you in districts across Uganda to ensure that we reach many patients and families who are facing health-related suffering. At the PCAU Secretariat, we can only do much as we move to coach, mentor, and offer support supervision. But we have all of you our members in districts. We urge you to advocate, support, and participate in the delivery of palliative care at your level.

Many Ugandans are committing to supporting the work of PCAU and palliative care. We are very grateful to the Rotary Clubs in Uganda which have signed up to support palliative care work.

We thank you all.

PCAU @25 years It is 25 years since the founding of the Palliative Care Association of Uganda (PCAU). The year 2024 is PCAU’s Silver Jubilee! For the last 25 years, PCAU has been starting its mission of advocating for and supporting the integration of palliative care into Uganda’s healthcare system.  As a pioneer national palliative care association in the region, PCAU has set a great example for advocacy, support to education and training, scientific conferences and research, and resource mobilization for the sustainability of palliative care not only for Uganda but beyond.

As we celebrate 25 years, we will take stock of how our focused investment has yielded compassion, holistic care, pain relief, comfort, hope, and justice for individuals, families, and Ugandan communities. We will publish a new mapping on the spread of palliative care in Uganda. We appreciate we are yet to reach many Ugandans with palliative care information. We are developing a Digital Palliative Care Information App that we will launch to mark our 25 years.

We have lined up a PCAU Members month from April 10th – May 15th, 2024. Please check in with PCAU to participate in the various activities listed. We will also discount on Membership subscriptions and other offers by PCAU. At the end of the year, on the 6th, we shall host a PCAU Silver Jubilee Gala Dinner in Kampala. Please keep in touch for more information.

The PCAU Annual General Meeting 2024.

The PCAU Annual General Meeting (AGM) 2024 will be held on Friday, May 31st, 2024 at Fairway Hotel in Kampala from 9:00 am to 11:30 am. The AGM is our top governing body of PCAU and is attended by fully paid-up individual members and representatives of Member Organizations. At the AGM, we will share our annual performance report for the year 2023 as well as disseminate updates on palliative care development in Uganda. Most importantly members will vote into office new Board of Directors for PCAU at this year’s AGM. The meeting is an opportunity for PCAU members to connect as well as interact with the wider stakeholders including national leaders and professionals from diverse backgrounds. The PCAU Board and Management always look forward to the AGM being able to account for the members. We look forward to hosting you.

Some of PCAU Members at the PCAU Annual General Meeting (AGM) – 2023

Notice on call for Nominations of New PCAU Board Members.

We are grateful for the leadership of the current Board of Directors Chaired by Dr. Henry Ddungu whose term is coming to an end. This year, the Annual General Meeting of PCAU will vote into office 5 new people to fill vacancies on the Board. This call is therefore to invite PCAU Members to nominate professionals of integrity to join the PCAU Board. As per the PCAU Constitution; Only fully paid-up members of the Association can be nominated for election as Board Members. We request members of PCAU to participate in this exercise. The Board Executive Committee is responsible for this process. We are looking for professionals with diverse expertise:  

  • Specialists in Palliative Care work.
  • Specialists in Cancer (technical expertise)
  • Program Management/Development experience
  • Specialists in Accounting and Financial Management
  • Relevant Resource Mobilization expertise
  • Advocacy expertise

To nominate, please send, the professional details of the nominee to the Executive Director –PCAU, and email:
The nominee will be contacted for the next steps. The deadline for nominations is April 12th, 2024.


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