One-On-One with Jaffar the PCAU Driver for 12 years

When you visit PCAU or when PCAU visits you, there is that one most likely face. The PCAU Driver. He has been the main driver for PCAU since 2012. He has visited every district in the country and continues to be a valuable team member. A team of 3 staff recently had an interview with him.  He shared his role and feelings about the new Land Cruiser acquired by PCAU last year.

  Jaffar in the newly purchased Landcruiser  

The vehicle which was acquired brand last year has moved close to 15000 kilometers across Uganda. This is an average of 2500 Kilometers per month in the last period. PCAU moves to districts to support initiating new palliative care teams/units at hospitals and other health centers and to support palliative care initiatives. On such journeys, PCAU will move with other technical staff to conduct advocacy, offer mentorship, and conduct support supervision for palliative care.

The nature of the work of PCAU and traversing districts requires a set of reliable cars. Jaffer Mohammed the PCAU Driver is a very valuable member of the PCAU Team.

Interview by Fiona Siima, Transcribed by, Dr. Angella Namatovu photos by Zipporah Kyomuhangi.

Read his brief interview below: 

Fiona: How are you Jaffer how long have you been working for PCAU?

Jaffer: I am very well. Thank you. I joined PCAU as a volunteer in 2012. I was appointed full-time staff in 2013. That’s nearly 12 years as a driver.

Fiona: (That is a very good service you have offered really!) Take me through how you feel and your experience with PCAU vehicles.

Jaffer: Our work involves traveling long distances. Sometimes on very rough roads in districts. We can spend a week there. We need good vehicles. It would be very inconvenient and costly to hire vehicles for our work. We had a land cruiser. But got a lot of mechanical problems after 12 years of use. The problem was mainly with the gearbox. We had it repaired several times. It was costly and disturbing to look for mechanics all the time. Then the idea of fundraising for a new vehicle came up. We all participated. Our friends in the USA did a lot of work too.

(Fiona interrupts: How long did that take?)

Jaffer: I think it is almost two years of fundraising. A very good new vehicle like ours is costly.

Fiona: So finally the car comes and it is here, so what was the experience like transitioning from the old to the new car?

Jaffer: Actually, it was very very good, not for only me but for all the staff of PCAU, members, and well-wishers. When you get something new, the joy is always high. The vehicle is really good. It is a Land Cruiser 70 series Hard Top manufactured in 2023. This type of car is very reliable. I thank our Director for making a good choice for this type of vehicle. It is comfortable, hard, and yet flexible for the nature of the work we do.

Fiona: What is the furthest you have moved with the new motor vehicle?

Jaffer: ha ha we have moved to many places. We got the vehicle on zero mileage. It was brand new. Its mileage is now nearly 15,000. The most recent long route was to Obingi District via Arua in West Nile. It is about 13 hours’ drive. We had work in Arua at New Life Hospice Arua and in Obongi District. We also had work in Terego District. We were there for a few days. Some of the roads are very bad. We couldn’t feel the impact because of the vehicle we have at the moment.

Distance from PCAU to Obongi Via Arua

Fiona: Interesting! Just one more thing I need to hear from you, how do you ensure that these vehicles are very good, well maintained, and are ideal to serve us for longer?

Jaffer: I will start by saying, we had that land cruiser then after some years, we got this Rav4 small vehicle. The way we handle cars at PCAU is very good. We make sure the car is serviced when this is due. They change engine oils etc as necessary. This is very important. We also keep the cars clean. We also have a professional mechanic in case of any issues. We don’t run here and there. All our cars have comprehensive insurance. That is good too. We also take fuel/gas from the top fuel station in the country. That is why the vehicle stays for long and up-to-date. For example, even when our other Landcruiser is old over 12 years. I can say it is still a good car, it can work, and its engine is very good. With the service here in PCAU, I think this new car will last very long.

Fiona:  What is your message to partners and friends of PCAU and all who contributed to getting the new vehicle?

Jaffer: I would like to thank them for the hard work they are doing for PCAU and the support because, without them, we can only do so little. I request that they continue to support us so that we can do more for those people in the whole country who need our services. Those who are suffering. And as we have always done, all of us should make sure that we do our best to use what we have very well. To use the money well, maintain the vehicle well, etc….

Fiona: Do you have any last comments to make?

Jaffer: My general comment is that PCAU is a good place to work. The staff are cooperative and also I want to thank God, because I am not only a driver, I have been a bank agent of PCAU since I joined in 2013. I thank God that I am doing my work peacefully, I think that is important for me to mention.

Fiona: Thank you so much, Jaffer.

Jaffer: You are welcome!


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