Breast Cancer Awareness and Fundraiser

By Fiona Siima

On February 25th, 2024, we joined our partners the Uganda Cancer Society for their annual Cancer Sukuma Dance event in Kampala. We were official partners in the event this year.

This is an annual fitness, cancer awareness, and fundraising event with a specific theme also to commemorate World Cancer Day. This year the theme was: Restore Smiles, A Breast for Her.
Proceeds from the event would be utilized to acquire and avail women who have suffered breast cancer-free artificial breasts post-surgery, which is crucial for their recovery and community reintegration. We were glad to make a generous contribution and also to participate.

PCAU Staff and the team from UCS together with other participants during the event.

A team of PCAU Staff joined the hundreds at City High School as early as 7:00 am for the dance event. The dancing lasted for more than 2 hours and was led by a dynamic group of dancers; The Sukuma Foundation. It was a fun-filled event, it brought together people of all ages, the young and the old, it did not matter the style of dance, or the rhythm of the music, each one of us created our own and enjoyed ourselves for a noble cause, that’s what mattered.

There were some brief talks along the dancing for refreshments too. Several breast cancer survivors made moving testimonies and appeals to the public. Yes, there was evidence that early detection of cancer is important for good treatment and care outcomes.

The event allowed all of us to network and connect with participants, from diverse backgrounds including corporate companies, health workers, students, cancer survivors, and members from the surrounding communities. It was heartwarming indeed to hear the experiences of the women survivors who freely shared their breast cancer journey to recovery. This was a successful event and UCS targeted 500 participants, by the end of the event all the 500 kits were sold out.


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