Building a Compassionate Community

By Anita Balikobaku

As we share with you an update from PCAU, we would like to encourage you to be thoughtful about the needs of your immediate community and how you could help.  We request you consider stepping out to do something thoughtful for someone, for a family, or a group in your community. What is life without caring and sharing? Recently, a Village Health Team Member from Lweza Zone B village asked a family if a team of children and volunteers on our Road to Hope Program could visit. The head of the family is an older person and frail. The family allowed the team to visit.

So we prepared well to stay for some time with the family. We invited some high school friends from Taibah International School who have composed a Palliative Care club at school to come too.

PCAU staff member, Children and Volunteers on our Road to Hope Program, and Students from Taibah International School at Lweza Community for a compassionate visit – 2024

The family so welcomed us. The old man told so many humorous stories even when he could barely sit or walk by himself. He asked for and enjoyed arms and legs stretching by the team. The high school students mostly enjoyed the old man’s tales. He spoke about his days as a youth. He gave some valuable advice too. The team swept around the compound. They helped fetch some water too. The team had moved with a few household basic items which the family wholeheartedly received. What was so surprising was the warmth and motivation that our team received too. Everyone on our team felt so special for reaching out.

While saying the goodbyes, the old man said this:

“Your visit and touch have increased my time on this earth…”

He is a bit humorous and so the team laughed it off loud. The family lady was so thankful. Everyone was warm. Our team and the family. We did not do much other than be present. The family is happy to have us again. Will you step out today?


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